600 Billion Dollar construction Industry

For every buyer and business, Finding a manufacturer is one of the main challenging aspects of getting your idea off the ground. development products is a hurdle that nearly every entrepreneur faces, without regard for if their business is hardware or fashion focused.

For people looking to find a trustworthy business, They usually spend hours searching Alibaba and then conduct hours of due diligence on that manufacturer. One of the biggest problems that knock companies out is their inability to find the right manufacturer.

Sourcify, A new startup based in san diego, Is creating a marketplace of the world’s top types to enable entrepreneurs to source in an easy, trusted, And honest way. Their marketplace curates pre screened manufacturers that fit your needs so you don’t have to spend hours searching through Alibaba. on top of, They also offer a customized concierge service that finds the right manufacturer for your needs, Helps communicate your idea clearly to that company, And manages your project so it runs smoothly.

This company joins a new generation of startups focused around curating top talent and makers. similar to Gigster, A company that helps founders work with top developers, Sourcify focuses on connecting entrepreneurs with quality providers in their industry.

Companies like Sourcify focus on making the process of starting a company easier. his or her co founder Yaniv Menashervo says, “We are in a business that is lacking innovation. People have been trying to find manufacturers employing the same methods for ages. Sourcify takes a different approach, We pre screen and conduct detailed homework on each manufacturer before we let them join our marketplace. If I were to source from Alibaba, I would be facing potential frauds as people can easily act as a fake producer on their platform. might be expensive prescreened approach, We are making particles finding a manufacturer secure while easing the process,

i believe, There are three major causes why this curation of top talent approach will change every industry.

It takes hundreds of hours for entrepreneurs and enterprises to find a manufacturer with the current economic landscape of the sourcing industry. most notably, Entrepreneurs need to find reliable ways to find producers. Most will head for Alibaba, One of the largest networks of businesses in the world. found on Alibaba, These people will get lost as their marketplace isn’t intuitive to use and is stuffed with frauds.

A curation of top makes enables people to focus on their product and not the actual process of sorting through thousands of organizations. Sourcify only takes the top 10 manufacturers in each industry and introduces them to people looking to find the right manufacturer.

Once you’ve found a manufacturer you think you want to promote, the next thing is establishing trust. This is easier in theory, As most types aren’t located locally. Flying across the world to visit a manufacturer is expensive and doesn’t make sense for most companies. Though dangers due diligence processes you can setup to build trust, It takes a great deal of time and doesn’t close up all the loose ends.

When Gigster on boards their team of developers, Each cheap jerseys and every you need to sign a NDA to ensure trust across the platform. This way enterprisers can legally have a guarantee of non disclosure. expertise, the platform has a very uptight screening process to only hire the world’s top developers.

After finding a brand and hopefully establishing some level of trust, You still face the unsecure location of wire transfers, email, etc,and others. I’ve had friends whose organizations have apparently gotten their emails hacked, Which resulted in the losing of valuable data and even the transfer of funds to the wrong account. Security is a huge issue when dealing with point transactions.

With providers now curating content, software developers, And now sellers, This model is on the path for interruption. essentially future of business, As owners and enterprises are able to create value in an easy, solid, And guard manner.

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